Two-Up Seat Assembly

Two-Up Seat Assembly

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The seat hinges at the front, alllowing access to the battery and storage compartment via two hidden aircraft latches. Included in the RYCA CS-2 and CS-2/s kits. Assembly required (see the CS-2 Assembly Guide and CS-2 video). [Note: does not include optional luggage rack.]

  • seat frame
  • seat pan
  • upholstery
  • adjustable friction hinge
  • Hartwell aircraft latches
  • finishing plugs
  • rivets and hardware
Made to Order, usually ships in 1-2 weeks.

WARNING: Apply medium strength threadlocker on all metal fasteners, nuts, bolts, and screws. Failure to do so could allow them to vibrate loose and cause loss of control of your motorcycle, resulting in personal injury and/or property damage.

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