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Burly Brand® Stilletto Shocks (Pair) - 13"

Burly Brand® Stilletto Shocks (Pair) - 13"

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Part Number:RM-0789
13 inch shocks for '86-'Present Harley Sportsters. 13" approximately eyelet to eyelet.

The high performance damper is wrapped in a spring combination designed specifically to deal with subtle road noise and imperfections, while the main coil handles the big hits and controls bottoming.

Typically ships in 1 week. Email for exact shipping time.

WARNING: Apply medium strength threadlocker on all metal fasteners, nuts, bolts, and screws. Failure to do so could allow them to vibrate loose and cause loss of control of your motorcycle, resulting in personal injury and/or property damage

15" version shown on '04-Present model with rearsets installed.

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