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Customer Builds: Vince Lombardi - California

This bike was built with a Ryca RR-1 Hardtail Bobber Kit.

Tell us a little about yourself and why you decided to build a RYCA.
Last year my 2 yr old son was diagnosed with cancer. I ended up selling my Harley among other things. After his surgery was done we settled into our routine and hunkered down at home to keep him from getting sick. So I saved a few bucks and began looking for an inexpensive bike to replace the last one. I came across one of your cafe bikes on craigslist. I'm more into the cruisers these days but I went online to check out your company and there it was -- the RR-1 kit. I was definitely into that, needing something to keep my son and I busy.

I began looking and found a great donor bike, rode it for a month or so while I saved for my kit. He has been in the garage with me working out and doing projects since we brought him home from the hospital. Now my son Renzo armed with pliers a screwdriver and rubber mallet helped me with the tear down. We worked a few hours a day when he felt good enough to go out to the garage (I may have snuck a few hours in while he slept). He worked beside me taking tools he needed more than me to work on his battery powered motorcycle throughout the entire project. Lets sum this up, my son is now cancer free, your kit helped me get my son into tools and bikes as well as keep me sane, and this bike is already turning heads and making guys jealous!

How did you find your Suzuki? What year model? What shape was it in?
I found my Suzuki on Craigslist, one town over. It's a 2006 with 7000 mi and was nearly blemish free!

Did you sell the take-off parts? How much did you get?
I just listed the parts and have only sold the exhaust! Should put a few bucks back in the toy fund soon.

Tell us about any mods or upgrades you did to your bike.
Upgrades.. cut the factory risers down to 1", made a bracket and mounted the speedo to the side of head, got a nice heat shield from Mr. Lucky, Hand Grenade pegs from Speed dealer customs (did a lil drilling to fit), made a fork brace out of the front fender, mounted the rear signals in the lower hard tail tube with some kuryakyn p clamps, and did the neutral switch wiring mod (thanks Casey). Oh and kept it very rough and industrial including the powder coat titanium with a 60% low gloss clear! 

How long have you been riding? What other bikes do you own?
I have been riding since I was 12. I don't currently have other bikes but I have owned dirt bikes, super motos, Metric cruisers, a Harley, and my favorite SR500.

What's your occupation?
I am a Fire fighter here in Monterey Ca.

What advice would you give to future RYCA builders?
The best advice is to watch the videos several times before you start, plan out your build carefully, and HAVE FUN!

What was the best thing about building the bike?
The best part of this build was turning my son into a "Garage Warrior", strengthening our bond, and building a machine as unique and wild as He is!

Tell us about any problems you had and how you solved them.
Most of my problems were easily resolved with a quick call or email to Ryan. He was great about responding so my build stayed on track. I had a broken bolt followed by a broken drill bit (not a good day) but a trip to the store for the right tools and a few youtube videos later the disaster was no more. I also had trouble starting it first time (no compression) seems I somehow flipped the compression release before installing the thumb lever. Read the manual on how to adjust it and when I pulled the cover off saw the issue right away. Fired up first try. Oh got ahead of myself and had the whole thing apart before i took off the front pulley....DON'T DO THAT!!!!!!

Anything else you want to add?
I am glad you guys followed your passion and created these great kits. I am currently saving for a donor so I can have a cafe in the garage next to my bobber. I have been stopped 5 times already and barely have 15 miles on the bike. My son knows the names and uses of nearly every tool I own, and loves being in the garage with me.

Thank you,
Vinnie The Garage Warrior
(Vince Lombardi Monterey Ca.)

Well done, Vince, the bike looks great! Thanks for the inspiring story. You two make a great team.

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