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Customer Builds: Dustin Howell - Idaho

This bike was built with a CS-1 Cafe Racer Kit

Tell us a little about yourself and why you decided to build a RYCA.
I decided I was in need of a bike due to the ridiculous gas prices and long commutes from work and school. Being a broke college student on a budget I was originally going to build a Honda ruckus (don't judge me) but soon realized I would quickly become bored with the lack of horsepower. One morning I stumbled onto the video of you guys on Jay Leno's garage and immediately fell in love!

How did you find your Suzuki? What year model? What shape was it in?

After almost driving some long distances to pick up a donor I was finally able to find one locally here in Boise. It was a 2006 with 9000 miles on it. It was in great shape, the only blemish was a smashed turn signal that I wouldn't need anyways.

Did you sell the take-off parts? How much did you get?
I still have all of the parts boxed up in my garage, really I've just been too lazy to sell them just yet.

Tell us about any mods or upgrades you did to your bike.
I didn't get too crazy as the kit is already very well put together. I eventually decided I wanted to model the bike after a 1979 Suzuki gs1000 that my dad has had in pieces since I was born. I used the same pin striping scheme and it turned out real nice. 

How long have you been riding? What other bikes do you own?
I've been riding motorcycles since I was about four or five. I grew up racing motocross but this was the first street bike I've ever built up. I rode my dads soft tail Harley for a while, a much heavier bike!

What's your occupation?
Currently I work for Citi bank as they have great benefits and are paying my college tuition, I am a certified TIG welder though and used to work at a manufacturing plant that produced semi conductors and clean room equipment. I miss working with my hands on something other than a keyboard!

What advice would you give to future RYCA builders?
Be patient with the building process. Also it was really nice having a newer model to start with. I can't imagine how much more challenging it would have been with a beat up 87" with rust and stripped out parts.

What was the best thing about building the bike?
It was a fairly challenging process, more than I would have thought originally, but completely worth it in the end. The sense of accomplishment is awesome and it's always nice having such a unique bike.

Tell us about any problems you had and how you solved them.
Really I didn't have anything go completely haywire. Lowering the forks was definitely a challenge and required two people. Some of the wiring was a bit confusing but a quick email to Ryan had me patched up real fast. The customer service you get with RYCA is a huge plus.

Thanks Dustin. Great pinstriping and details, the bike looks great. Glad you picked the Ryca over the Ruckus!

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